Allergien are hypersensitivity reactions oth the body that are caused by immune responses against otherwise harmless substances (allergens).  


1 in 10 people suffer from allergies. A lot of these allergies aren't allergies though but so-called pseudoallergies or food intolerances. 

Pseudoallergies are part of the group of non-allergic or non-immunologic hypersensitivities as there are no immunological mechanisms involved. They can be caused by food additives for example. 

Food intolerances are also not considered to be allergies and are caused by congenital or acquired enzyme deficiency. These deficiencies can cause disruptions in the gastro-intestinal system and lead to flatulence and diarrhea.

The symptoms of allergies may vary in strength and may occure seasonally or during the whole year. There are different types of allergies depending on where symptoms occur. 

Allergies cause symptomss

  • on mucous membranes (hay fever, swelling, conjunctivitis)
  • in the lower breathing tract (Asthma bronchiale)
  • on the skin  (neurodermitis, contact eczema, urticaria)
  • in the gastro-intestinal system (nausea, diarrhea)
  • as acute emergencies (anaphylactic shock).

We would be happy to provide information on our diagnostic and therapeutic options (e.g. Autohemotherapy) for treating allergies and especially regarding options of prevention.