Your GP & practice for General Medicine in Stuttgart


Located in the very center of Stuttgart, we offer you General Medicine, Primary Care and naturopathic services of the highest standard. For us, you are the center of our attention.



Our philosophy

We regard health as more than the absence of sickness and want to support you in staying healthy.


We regularly ask our patients what they find especially important apart from competent advice, easy accessibility and short waiting times. We understand you need the treatment that is right for you and want to choose between options that make sense in your individual case.

Treatment options

Our team has treated more than 100.000 patients during the last 10 years.


Learn more about our medical skills. We are specialists for these treatments and offer compentent medical advice in Stuttgart.

Staying healthy

Get to know us and find out, what you can do to stay healthy.


You can find out more about our treatment options and alternative treatments based on naturopathy. You can find news under Aktuelles e.g. regarding corona vaccinations.

We aim for holistic treatment

and see the bigger picture of human beings as personalities of their own who want to live in harmony with body and mind. We support you in getting better and staying healthy.


Your health is our focus.

Dr. Christian Braunger & Team

Different styles, one goal: the best possible treatment for our patients. We cover the entire spectrum of General Medicine and Naturopathy & can provide appointments throughout the whole day.


Dr. Christian Braunger
Dr. Simone Hoffmann
Dr. Claudia Lorenz
Marco Brunsch
Dr. Elisabeth Bülow
Dara Topalovic
Melanie Bürkle
Christina Moutzoglou
Verena Gerni
Jiyan Sadak
Jule Sülzle
Nadia El-Abdi
Lena Urban
Jaan Beimers

We provide all the evidence-based treatments of General Medicine and offer suitable holistic alternative treatments from different areas of Naturopathy.

Our focus areas comprise holistic weight loss, nutrition optimisation with our metabolic program novabalance, vital cures for improving the fucntion of the immune system and naturopathic pain therapy.


As a pain therapy we offer acupuncture (where suitable) - a treatment that has meanwhile provided scientific evidence for its effectiveness in certain areas. Acupuncture is also used for treating allergies and helping smoking cessation.

Our practice rooms are light, modern and equipped to provide a welcoming atmosphere.


Our goal is to offer you an individually tailored treatment that comprises all the different suitable options for your health.

We don't only want you to get well soon, we also want you to stay healthy.

General Medicine

We offer you well-established diagnostics and treatments from all areas of General Medicine. Our training and technical equipment are state of the art.

24/7 appointment scheduling

You can arrange new appointments via our contact page or call us vial telephone.


We have long-standing experience with many areas of Naturopathy as nature often is the best healer. We always consider the least invasive, natural treatment options and offer phytotherapy, acupuncure and homoeopathy.

How to find us