A healthy lifestyle can prevent many diseases


The General Practitioner (GP) holds a central role in German health care. 


GPs are the first  contact person for all health questions and function as guides in the health care sector. Through professional networks with competent health care providers we aim for the best medical care for our patients. 

This requires high competence and broad knowledge. We ensure meeting these requirements by constant further training and qualification. 

GPs know their patients' social and living conditions, can cater to their individual needs and integrate psychosocial factors influencing their health. 

As chronic diseases (often diseases of civilisation caused by an unhealthy life style) will continue to become more prevalent in the future, one focus of our practice is prevention and promoting and strengthening health. 

As a team of doctors specialising in General and Internal Medicine with long-time experience in hospitals and professional experience in in-patient care as well as outpatient treatment we are available as compentent advisors and doctors. 

We offer our patients an extensive preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic spectrum for supporting or increasing your quality of life.