Exhaustion and burnout

Chronic mental and physical strain lead to mental and physical exhaustion with stress-related bodily reactions.


Chronic stress that persists for months can leaad to burnout syndromes and often causes increases in blood pressure, pulse rate and psychosomatic symptoms (e.g. back pains, headache, digestiion problems). In addition patients often develop concentration problems and sleep disorders as well as symptoms of being depressed. The bodily and mental performance sinks and the quality of life is diminished.

Chronic stress is a risk factor for all psychological and many bodily disorders.  

Apart from chronic stress a whole number of other diseases can lead to exhaustion and burnout. Finding out all the influencing factors is of central importance.

Only if you identify the causes of your exhaustion correctly can you take measures to regain your health. 

In our exhaustion and burnout consultations we seek to identify the individual causes of your symptoms and can then give you specific therapeutic advice.