Corona antigen rapid testing

Rapid testing using Corona antigen tests allows fast and safe diagnostics of infections with the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Corona antigene rapid testing

Rapid Corona antigen testing will become more and more important over the next weeks and months.


Rapid antigen tests for SARS-CoV-2 are based on a similar principle to pregnancy tests. They are administered by trained personnel using a nasal swab, similar to the one used in PCR testing. The test results are obtained immediately, at the practice without having to consult an external laboratory. 

Since February 2021 primary school teachers, teachers of graduating classes as well as nursery school teachers and child care workers in child daycare including the necessary staff can be tested twice a week for free via antigen rapid testing.

This rapid testing is already used successfully in hospitals, care and nursing homes  and uses a simple nasal swab. Test results are ready within minutes and allow diagnosing coronavirus infections.

This test is primarly for patients without symptoms of an infection with Corona or COVID-19. Should you be suffering from symptoms such as fever, body ache or lack of taste and smell you should receive a PCR test at the fever center

We want to do our part in succeeding against the pandemic and lowering the 7-day incidence of new infections.